Saturday, 19 May 2012

San Marino - 2012

Valentina Monetta. The Social Network Song. Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh.

I... I um... Yeah... What the... IS THIS EVEN A SONG!??? What on earth is this? I have never heard such Eurovision nonsense in all my time. I mean, is this serious? Or is this meant to be a novelty act? All apologies to Valentina Monetta for sounding rude, but oh my days, I can't even comprehend this. THIS ISN'T A SONG. It is someone singing about a certain social networking website. I just don't even know how to describe it. You are seriously going to have to listen to it for yourself to make your own mind up. I mean, you have poor entries, you have awful, terrible entries, and you have novelty entries. And then, this year, you have this. Who made up the San Marino internal selection jury? Like, were they all drunk? Even if you were drunk, you still wouldn't be able to justify choosing this. They must have been high, that's it. OR, Valentina Monetta could have been the ONLY choice for representing San Marino, and so they wouldn't of had any choice but to pick her. Goodness knows, this is just something else. I recently complained about the Belgian entry, and how Iris sung about things which usually 17 years olds know nothing about. Well, this might be a bit ageist, but surely the same thing applies to this? I think Valentina is about 37...and "social networks" are generally used by students mostly, and so why on earth is a 37 year old going to sing about cybersex and Facebook? I just don't understand any of it. Nothing about this song is good. But, again, IT'S NOT EVEN A SONG! Do you know what though? I am praying that this will qualify. It would be absolutely hilarious! If it won, that would make me even happier. Literally, this is SOO FUNNY.

Song Rating: 0/10                     (IT'S NOT A SONG!)
Liklihood to win: 0/10              (Armenia and Poland have a greater chance of winning. Eurovision fans will know what that is funny).

Current odds: 250-1                   ( (on average) (I know! ONLY 250 to 1)

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