Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Belarus - 2012

Representing Belarus this year is a pop/rock band called Litesound, with their song "We Are The Heroes".

Litesound are made up of two Belarussian guys and an Italian and have had mild success in Belarus. They entered the Belarussian song selection process 4 times to eventually get to Baku in 2012. Some say they only got here by default, but at the end of the day, We Are The Heroes is a good song and Belarus should be proud.
But are we headed for Minsk 2012? Well, as I have said, the song is good. It's pretty alright. I do enjoy listening to it and wouldn't be opposed to hearing it over and over again which is what always seems to happen when the winner of ESC is announced. The lyrics to the song are empowering, maybe not quite fitting with the actual music, but that doesn't seem to matter. The vocals aren't the best, but Litesound are an alright band!
The draw... well Belarus will perform 5th in the second semi final. They will probably mask Kurt Calleja of Malta in 4th, but after all 18 songs, will the ESC audience remember this? I don't think they will. Looking at the statistics, since their debut in 2004, the have got to the final twice. Anyone remember that shockingly bad song Butterflies by a band called 3+2? No, me neither.
So anyway, an alright song but with a poor draw. Will they qualify? Probably not. If they do, could they win? Even if they get 25th it is unlikely. But I like it, so Good Luck Litesound!

Song Rating: 6/10
Liklihood to win: 3/10

Current odds: 66-1                     ( (on average)

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