Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ukraine - 2012

The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is now into a full swing of daily rehearsals and press conferences - and it's getting more and more exciting as the days go on! On Sunday, you should expect a BIG update of how both the rehearsals went, with hopefully some more indication of a potential winner. And on Monday, the day before it all kicks off, you should probably expect another BIG update, round-ing this year's pre-Eurovision nonsense up. And expect to hear who I think is going to take the crown too!

But right now, we are still focussed on the songs! The latest review will be of "Be My Guest", written and performed by Gaitana.

WOAH! What a voice! Gaitana really adds something brilliant to a song which is already brilliant itself. It is an updeat dance number, which has a ridiculously catchy tune, along with a "na-na-na-na-na-na-na" which is just as catchy! The lyrics are simple, but not bland, as they seem to work great with the melody and Gaitana's voice is shown off really well. Gaitana booms in her soulful vocal "From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best, Now you can be my guest". Does it need anymore?

Gaitana is of Congolese descent, so I'm sure she is secretly praying that she doesn't do a repeat of Stella Mwangi from last year. For those of you who don't know who she is, Stella Mwangi represented Norway last year with the song Haba Haba. It was sung half in African and half in Swahili. Despite being popular with many Eurovision fans and doing well in the polls, it rather surprisingly failed to gain qualification from the semi-finals.  But I don't see any reason why Gaitana should be worried. Be My Guest is a much better song than Haba Haba! And plus, looking at that draw, you can see why Haba Haba maybe didn't do so well and not qualify. It performed near the start, which always make qualification that little bit more difficult. Be My Guest is in a slightly better position this year. It performs 7th in the second semi-final and will be followed by Bulgaria. Gaitana will leave a great impression on the stage, and I fail to see Sofi Marinova storming the show (if you didn't check out my thoughts on Bulgaria, then have a look hear:

And so what chance does Ukraine have of winning this year? Well I think Gaitana should make qualification from the semi-finals, but it's hard to predict how well this will do in the final. Again, it will depend on the draw I suppose. I mean, this could be an easy top 10 for Ukraine, or this could flop in the final, just like say Kati Wolf of Hungary did last year. And that was fan favourite! I don't know if the juries will appreciate this song, but they should definitely appreciate Gaitana's vocals! And I know there will be people voting for this all over Europe. But sadly, this won't be a winner, and that I'm almost 100% sure of.

Song Rating: 8/10
Liklihood to win: 5/10

Current odds: 66-1                          ( (on average)

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