Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lithuania - 2012

Lithuania are being represented by 24-year-old Donny Montell in Baku. He is performing "Love Is Blind".

So...ermmm...HUH? Like many other entrants this year, this wasn't Donny Montell's first attempt. And after hearing this song and knowing that he has been unsuccessful in the past, I'm sort of wondering what on earth he was entering before hand!? But to be fair, the song does have a catchy chorus, and unlike that ghastly song entered by Bulgaria, at least Montell can sing live. His vocals aren't the best, but let's be honest, we have heard some terribly awful vocals in ESC in the past!
Lithuania have had mild success in the past. They don't often do well in the final, but at least they qualify! Montell has secured the last spot in the second semi final. Usually this would be a free ticket to the final, but I just really don't see this qualifying when looking at the songs around it. It's an odd song to finish on, but you never know, we have seen some very bizarre qualifiers in the past!

Song Rating: 4/10
Liklihood to win: 1/10

Current odds: 100-1                ( (on average)

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