Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Albania - 2012

Rona Nishliu represents Albania, with the song "Suus"

I keep trying to like this song, but I just can't. I listen to half of it and then can't bare to hear the other half. It's another ballad, and so again, perhaps I am being overly critical because there are so many ballads this year, but all in all, this is just poor. It's not the fact that it isn't in English because I have said, I do love Spain, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herezegovina this year...its more to do with the fact that this song is just poor.

Albanians know of her, as she is a radio presenter and former reality TV contestant, but Europe doesn't really know her. So will the draw help her out? Probably not...5th in the first semi final. How about Albania in Eurovision? Well since their debut in 2004, they have not qualified in 3 out of the 8 contests, which is pretty fair going. When they get in the final, they fail to set the world alight, but have achieved 7th (even though that was their debut). So chances of qualifying? Small...but then again, the number of ballads in the first semi final is a lot smaller than that of the second, so that could help Rona out. Anyway, Good Luck to her for 7 days time! Yes, just 7 days now folks!

Song Rating: 3/10
Liklihood of winning: 1/10

Current odds: 150-1                              (oddschecker.com) (on average)

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