Tuesday, 22 May 2012

First Semi Final: The Results

WOW! The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 kicked off just under 3 hours ago and we are already halfway there to the final! Here's a quick recap of the finalists that made it to that grand final on Saturday:

Romania - Moldova - Iceland - Hungary - Denmark - Albania - Cyprus - Greece - Russia - Ireland

So I predicted 8/10 correct. Not bad going I don't feel. Hungary made it, which I wasn't too upset about. It is a nice song, and they did perform near the end so they stood a good chance! Albania also made it...not too sure why, but then there are a lot of Southern European countries in this semi, so perhaps some cultural voting had something to do with it. Austria didn't...which didn't really surprise me, they were after all an outside chance of qualifying. They performed near the end with a fresh yet different performance, it was just Europe didn't like it. And Israel didn't make it through! Well, okay, perhaps I did get Izabo completely wrong. They were either going to be a hit or miss and I was starting to convince myself they were a definite hit. But they were a miss. Nevermind, I never actually raved about the song in the first place, so should have trusted my ears rather than instinct...maybe the lead singer's awful fashion (I refer directly to the hoops) didn't help...

But what I have decided after this semi-final? WELL I am in love with Jedward even more...get ridiculously more excited than I thought I would when the Russian Grannies came on, and have decided that I am in love with Pasha Parfeny! He represents Moldova. I actually love him. Moldova are now one of my favourites! Lautar is a brilliant song...The Moldovans put on a bloody good performance...And Pasha Parfeny is pretty fit, let's be honest.

So glad Iceland got through as well! I somehow knew they would, but after performing second and still making it, they stand a bloody good crack at making the top 3, if not, winning the show. And that would make me very happy as I would win some money out of it. Oh yeah!

Well Done to semi-final 1 qualifiers! Good Luck for the final! Roll on Thursday and semi final 2!
When the draw for the final has taken place, I will update you!

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