Thursday, 10 May 2012

Portugal - 2012

Well, well, well...Portugal! They are still going for it! Vida Minha by Filipa Sousa is their entry this year. Nevermind my earlier posts about Slovakia...Will Lisbon finally get the chance to demonstrate their hosting skills in 2013? Eurovision has never gone there, has Filipa Sousa got a chance?

This is soooo difficult. I haven't been this up in there on my opinion on a Eurovision song in a long time. But this song really is causing me difficulties. I think I really like it, but then I will very often skip the song and it has a low playcount. Hmm... Anyway, Filipa Sousa has little musical history and so doesn't have any name recognition. But Vida Minha is so Portugese that it is automatically a better song this year. It is a traditional folkore song and is sung completely in Portugese. When translating the lyrics to English, I'm not quite sure what Sousa is banging on about, but it doesn't really matter. As long as she keeps up the same emotional performance into Baku then she could be singing about killing puppies and it would still be emotionally touching. Portugal have poor reputation in recent ESC history, and with a poor draw performing in the first half of it's semi then Vida Minha has an uphill battle in order to qualify for the final. If it does then Lisbon 2013 is still very, very unlikely. Still, Good Luck to Filipa Sousa! If anyone is for Portugal to win then it's me. After 45 entries, they definitely should deserve a win (even a top 5 finish would be nice - they haven't had that in 45 entries either!). And after all, I'd love a good excuse to pay for a trip out to Portugal. It's a lot closer to the UK than other Med countries, I've never been, and the weather is nice. Perhaps that's what is wrong with Vida Minha - I am more concerned with blogging about Portugese weather.

Song rating: 4/10
Liklihood of winning: 2/10

Current odds: 150-1            ( (on average) (you can get Portugal at 300-1, which seems definitely worth it!)

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