Monday, 14 May 2012

Austria - 2012

Trackshittaz. Woki mit deim Popo.

These two have well established themselves in Austria, and are starting to make a real impression on Europe! Haha. On first listen, I just love it. It's hilarious, and you can't avoid the laughter when hearing "F*** him in the popo". But listening again and again just makes me think more and more, what the actual f***!!!??!?!?!??? It really isn't that good. And they aren't that good as rappers. The talent isn't the best, but you have to admit, they really do bring it to the stage. And as I said, on first listen, I loved it. So there we are, most of the ESC audience will only hear this for the first time on the 22nd May, and if it qualifies, the 26th May. But will it qualify? Well, the song alone just feels so amateur and novelty-ish that I assume half will see it as joke act that isn't to be taken seriously. The other half will probably appreciate the humour, however, I am unsure if this will inspire them to vote. Especially after seeing the draw for the semi final... they may perform near the end, but at the very end are two boys who haven't just got national name recognition. They have popularity steadily growing fast througout Europe...and will definitely be remembered from last year. Trackshittaz vs Jedward is a tough one to call, but on face value this probably won't qualify. If it does, it really isn't the end of the world, and I will actually be quite looking forward to seeing my friends watch this for the first time during at our Eurovision party.

Song Rating: 4/10
Liklihood to win: 1/10

Current odds: 100-1                  ( average)

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