Friday, 18 May 2012

Montenegro - 2012

These guys will kick off Eurovision this year! It's Montenegro's entry, Rambo Amadeus with the song Euro Neuro.

Ummm.... well.... what can I say about this? Personally, I don't enjoy it and can see why it does poorly in the polls. However, I can appreciate parts of the song. It's a rap song. Albeit not the best rapping I have ever heard, but the quirky tune, and the humorous start does get me slightly interested. It's actually a well written song as well! And to top it off, there is a European feel to it. Forgive me, but I assume it is some traditional Montenegran instrument? If not, please do excuse me, but I think you know what I am getting at anyway. It doesn't make me want to dance the same way that funny Georgian entry does, but I could see my friends dancing to this drunk...if that helps Rambo's cause any more? Probably not. And that probably sums it up actually, not many people will take this seriously, and won't appreciate the actual content of the song. And to explain why I said I don't like it then, it is simply a song I don't enjoy listening to. BUT, it is fair to say that Rambo Amadeus is popular and will definitely bring it to the stage! He is an entertainer and I'm sure his performance will go down well in Baku! Haha.

As already stated, Montenegro kick it all off in Baku, as they perform first in the first semi final. That pretty much crucifies any chance of qualification to the final. They are yet to qualify for the final since splitting with Serbia and I fail to see Rambo breaking that tradition. Still, weirder things have happened in ESC and so we could be in for a shock (but I seriously doubt it).

Song Rating: 3/10
Liklihood to win: 0/10

Current odds: 200-1                     ( (on average)

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