Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Italy - 2012

After such an impressive return to the ESC last year, Italy are now entering Nina Zilli with Lamore e femmina.

In Italy, Nina Zilli has name recognition, but sadly, she hasn't really "cracked" Europe yet... the ESC could be her starting block for that though...
Lamore e femmina is an upbeat, jazzy number, and in English translation, means Out Of Love.
(for the lyrics in English, see: http://4lyrics.eu/esc/2012/nina-zilli-lamore-e-femmina-out-of-love/)

The song is well written, shows off Nina Zilli's great vocal talent and definitely tells us that Italy are well and truly back in Eurovision, and that Raphael Gualazzi from last year was not an unexpected surprise! Lamore e femmina is that much of a good song, that we can say Italy are taking it very seriously indeed (a lot more serious than other countries anyway...)

The draw? Italy will perform 10th in the final, straight after France. Despite perhaps a similar image between France and Italy's entrants this year (comparisons have been made), the songs are different and shouldn't affect each other too much. It depends on what performs 11th as to how well this song does. But I feel confident in suggesting that a top 5 could be on the cards with the experience and the quality of Nina Zilli and the song.

Song rating: 7/10
Liklihood to win: 7/10

Current odds: 6-1                         (oddschecker.com)

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