Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Georgia - 2012

Every Georgian entry to the ESC has qualified to the final, and hoping to keep that up is popular Georgian singer Anri Jokhadze with the song I'm a Joker.

Now I hate to say it, but this song is almost a guilty pleasure. On my Eurovision 2012 playlist on iTunes, I just have all the songs on shuffle, and will often skip songs like this as I don't want to hear it. But more and more recently, I feel myself wanting to listen to this song, sing along in places, and dance like a complete weirdo as I just find this so catchy. The thing about this song is, it's serious, but they are making it humorous. It's hard to talk about the song and give an everyday opinion of it, you just need to listen for yourself and decide what you make of it. Georgia 2012 is just BONKERS.

But that's the thing with Georgia... their entrants are just, well, "odd"! They are starting to become like Moldova, entering something vastly peculiar to the rest of Europe, and end up doing well. Eldrine and One More Day was nothing short of diabolical last year, yet people still voted, and the song ended up finishing 9th! Now I may be from the UK, but did Eldrine really deserve a higher place than the likes of Blue?

And that leads me to think... Georgia will perform 12th in semi-final 2. Sweden perform before them, and Turkey after. Can Bonomo and Loreen will put shadows over Anri Jokhadze, and I'll be surprised if everyone forgets this entry and end up laughing off such an appalling, yet hilarious song when they do the round-up during the voting. However, I just have a feeling this song will qualify for the final and end up defying the odds and not finishing...in the bottom 5.

It's impossible to give this a non-biased rating, and it's impossible to predict the European reaction... but here goes:

Song rating: 4/10
Liklihood to win: 2/10

Current odds: 100-1                   (oddschecker.com)

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