Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ireland - 2012

Here they are...the's John and Edward.

I am a massive Jedward fan. I can't even do this review without any bias. I will summarise this REALLY quickly.
Jedward are amazing.
Jedward should win Eurovision this year.
Waterline isn't the best song, but its' better than Lipstick.
Lipstick was Jedward's entry for Ireland last year. They finished 8th.
Jedward had a small European fanbase when they entered last year. It has grown massively since last May, and now they have fans scattered all over Europe.
Jedward and Waterline have done poorly in the polls, but so what? Lipstick did, and everyone knows Jedward are all about the performance and what they do on the stage.

Song Rating: 10/10
Liklihood to win: 7/10

Current odds: 20-1                         ( (on average)

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