Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Final of the 57th Eurovision Song Contest - the results!

Wow! What a show last night! In the end, the results threw some interesting and rather shocking positions, but there was the ever-so predictable 1, 2, 3 for Sweden, Russia and Serbia. Well Done to everyone though, I thought everyone was fantastic, even if I was using some acts as a toilet break last night (cough, Denmark).

Loreen took the crown with 372 points, which is much more than I originally thought. But lets be honest, she deserved it! Euphoria was a great song, very catchy, and hugely entertaining. It was a brilliant performance and I'm already excited for Sweden 2013! So glad for the Russian grannies as well, they were loved and they would always feature. And Zelijko from Serbia may not have had the best song, but hey, he's famous, we'll let Serbia off for that one! After a very underrated Caroban from last year, I'm very happy they were able to pull off a top 3 performance! Azerbaijan scored a very impressive 4th. I have loved Sabina and When The Music Dies since I first listened, so congrats to her!! A big shock though, Albania in 5th! And she got a few 12's as well! I was astonished. I could see the juries perhaps appreciating it, but I could not see Europe voting for it...nevermind, there is always a rogue one up there (Mika Newton from Ukraine in 2011 for example).

Down the bottom, Norway were unfortunate to finish last, I thought there were worse songs. But to be honest, Tooji was starting to get on my nerves so much that I'm kind of glad that he finished bottom. He had too big an ego for my liking. And the United Kingdom in 25th! I couldn't believe this! Yes, the song may have been very boring for many, and we did perform 1st, but it was the Hump for goodness sake! He's massive, isn't he? Perhaps the Eurovision audience has just got too young. Hungary finished 24th, and I can understand why. Sound of our Hearts never really set the world alight for me... Should've Known Better didnt't do too well for Denmark, which makes me kind of happy, I mean it was another slightly boring song if we're all honest. And poor France and Malta...very good songs which ended up not doing too well.

It's great news for the big 5 though! Despite poor finishes for France and the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany all scored a top 10 finish! This is excellent news. I have a feeling that one year we will all finish in the bottom 5 and everyone will start questionning our legitimacy as to whether we should be allowed automatic qualification. This might not be agreed by everyone, but yes we do deserve it! If it wasn't for us, the Eurovision wouldn't really exist, the EBU would probably have ceased to exist due to financial problems, and there would be such an uproar that I could see us all withdrawing from Eurovision. Now that would just be silly, but it would be damn right the end to Eurovision as we know it. Before you know it, it would be EASTvision as I couldn't see Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands sticking around either.

Anyway, back to the results, my favourite Moldova scored an impressive 11th place. I really thought he would feature, but nevermind, he was never a fan favourite anyway. Well Done Pasha! I think he should be proud of an 11th place finish! Jedward on the other hand...only 46 points! What were you thinking Europe? We all know they deserve better, but let's be honest, they'll be back next year! Ha!

I am looking forward to seeing the breakdown of Televoting and Jury voting. I have a feeling that the Hump could have done a lot better with the juries...and Sweden might not have done quite so well with the juries. But we'll have to wait and see! Also intrigued with Albania as well...

In the meantime, Austria, Albania, Belarus, Hungary, Netherlands and Sweden have already stated their intention to be part of ESC 2012. Will anyone withdraw? I can see the return of Armenia and Poland, but I don't think 2013 is a big year for any European country? I might be wrong, but they could all be back! And there is news, that if they get the funding, Liechenstein will debut next year. I hope they do, we could do with more western countries...surely the Faroe Islands could become a member of the EBU...and what about Monaco and Luxembourg? I think it's time for their return. And Morocco, I'd welcome them back, they could give Spain and Portugal some vital points. I think I'm getting way too optimistic now! Haha, brilliant if they could all compete though!

And have no fear readers, the blog won't be shutting down now Eurovision 2012 is finished! I'll be blogging all year round. In fact, I'm already preparing a list of my 100 favourite songs from Eurovision of all time. That'll cause some controversy on the site...haha!

Thankyou to all my readers in the past month! I hope I haven't annoyed any of you too much! And if you don't come back till next year, then see you in a year folks. I'm already looking forward to 2013...especially to see what famous act the UK represents us with after the flop of the Hump. Perhaps we could have a reunion of the Spice Girls? If they don't win, then there is something very wrong in Europe!

Chris :)
The biggest Eurovision geek who is still a teenager. I'll be 20 in a year's time. Now that's scary.

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