Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Denmark - 2012

Introducing Sulona Samay with the song "Should've Known Better"

Before I start, the clip above is from Samay's first live rehearsal. It's getting so close now it's crazy!!

Anyway, I will try not to be too typical and moan a lot. I think it's purely because I am British. This song is a good song. Good might be a bit too strong, "alright" I guess. I certainly don't mind hearing it, and have heard a lot worse this year. I wouldn't particularly enjoy hearing it over and over again, and I'm positive that I won't remember this in a year's time (unless Denmark win of course). As I said, it's okay. I don't really know much about her, and can't seem to find much interesting background knowledge of Soluna. Anyone help me out? She seems to be experienced when looking on certain websites, but then again, did the Danish have any idea of who she was before she entered the selection process to represent Denmark for 2012? Probably not is my opinion.
In Eurovision, Denmark fair pretty well, especially in the last 2 years. That should help Soluna out. Also, they perform in the second half of the first semi. This is also good news, but I wouldn't imagine that would matter as Should've Known Better is a folk/country song which would naturally stand out as something different which most cultures could appreciate anyway. I think Samay will have no problem in qualifying, but it doesn't really feel like a Eurovision winner. Saying that, it is a different genre to the rest, and with recent history, a good draw could lead us to Copenhagen.
Soluna Samay does seem pretty cool, a bit more fresh, and so I'm hoping she fairs pretty well in Baku.

Song Rating: 6/10
Liklihood to win: 6/10

Current odds: 16-1                    (oddschecker.com) (on average)

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