Thursday, 24 May 2012

Second Semi Final: The Results

The second semi final is now over too! We are now ready for the final! It is rather exciting. We have the final 10 qualifiers from tonight, and here is a quick recap of who made it:

Lithuania - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Serbia - FYR Macedonia - Sweden - Ukraine - Norway - Malta - Estonia - Turkey

Again, I predicted 8 out of 10 right. I'm feeling pretty king-like at the moment, so sorry for being too cocky. I think most Eurovision fans like myself will still be shocked at the fact that Slovenia didn't make the cut! Slovenia had a very powerful ballad and Eva Boto had great vocals. They just didn't quite make it. I am sooo sooo happy for Kurt Calleja for making the final! Malta qualifying is another shock! Was a great advocate of This Is The Night, and a long time ago it was my favourite by a long way. I did decide to vote for him and it helped pay off. Well Done Malta!

The not so shocking moments...even though I didn't think Kaliopi would make it, she did. Unfortunatelty. I must just miss something with Kaliopi. She does have European name recognition, but seriously? I'd much rather listen to Rona Nishliu's whale sound effects on repeat than hear Crno I Belo. It's dreadful people! Sorry any Macedonian readers, I really do have nothing against you at all! Another moment which didn't shock me was Slovakia not making it. I predicted them to make the final, but perhaps not enough rock fans were watching in Europe tonight. It was a gamble, but it just didn't pay off. Nevermind. Max Jason Mai sounded like he was just recovering from laryngitis tonight, hence why he didn't make it.

This semi final has made me appreciate other songs more. I was nervous that Malta weren't going to make it, so I am delighted that Kurt has reached the final! I now like This Is The Night lots more again. I really really like Ott Lepland and Kuula (Estonia). It is a much better song than I remember. I feel even more sorry for the Netherlands. They had their best song for years and still didn't qualify. But this semi final has reminded of how certain Sweden probably are for that win. Loreen's performance is incredible, even if I don't want Sweden to win. I have decided that other than the UK and Ireland, I am completely rooting for MOLDOVA! Pasha Parfeny is brilliant, Lautar is a cracking song, and they put on a bloody good performance. A UK, Ireland, Moldova 1, 2, 3 please? Ha ha! Good Luck to all the finalists though! :)

Looking forward to this draw as well...maybe I won't be so certain that Loreen will win if she get's drawn fourth. We shall have to wait and see...

AND OH! Maria, Dima, Alexander, Lena, Ell and Nikki. Weren't they amazing? I really wasn't expecting a rendition of Waterloo. They were brilliant. Unlike Eldar's hosting skills. So glad Scott and Sara picked up on that in the BBC commentary. Robot! Anyway, they were great as usual! Not as great as Graham Norton though, who will commentate on Saturday. Literally buzzing for that!

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