Thursday, 10 May 2012

Croatia - 2012

This year, Croatia will be represented by Nina Badric and the song Nebo.

Is it me or are the former Yugoslav countries ALL singing ballads this year? Praise to Montenegro for some bloody originality! There are a mass number of ballads being entered for this year's contest, and the majority of them are coming from the middle/east side of Europe. Croatia is no exception to this, entering widely popular Nina Badric, who has support from practically the whole of the former Yugoslav block. Immediately we know this will get points...but will it get points from more than Bosnia & H, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and FYR Macedonia?
Probably not. This song isn't that great, and compared to the other ballads is really pretty weak. For such an experienced performer, who has tried over and over again to represent Croatia in the ESC, then this is suprisingly not that strong. The ballad is okay, but as I said, in comparison with the rest of the FYR, it's a bit "meh".
I'm not really that interested in hearing this...and it's not bad in the way that Georgia are, who are bad, but bonkers & brilliant at the same time...this is just naff. And so, with their recent 5 year history too, Croatia will do not well in 2012. They might qualify though. Nina Badric will compete in a semi-final with 5 other countries who will vote on pure name recognition alone. Winner? Definitley NOT.

Song rating: 3/10
Liklihood to win: 1/10

Current odds: 100-1                      ( (on average)

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