Thursday, 24 May 2012

The draw for the final...continued...

Just like on Tuesday, the press conference is not only a post-qualifying chat with the winners, but it's where the draw happens for the final. After it's done, all finalists will know their position allocated for the final, and then we will be ready!! As I said on Tuesday, it's important to remember that the draw is vital! If you want to win, it's almost certain that you have to perform near the end. So here we go...

Lithuania - 4th

Bosnia & Herzegovina - 5th

Serbia - 24th

Ukraine - 25th

Sweden - 17th

FYR Macedonia -  22nd

Norway - 12th

Estonia - 11th

Malta - 21st

Turkey - 18th

NOW! This is very interesting indeed. Loreen grabbed herself a second half performance in 17th, but it's not quite near the end to give her such a concrete win...especially considering what is coming afterwards. Željko Joksimović is massive in Europe, he is ridiculously popular amongst Eurovision fans, and his fame will gain him many a point...he has also bagged himself 24th. This will very much play to his hands and he could steal the show (Kaliopi is relatively famous, and bagged herself 22nd, but if Crno i belo wins Eurovision then I will eat my own leg). Then again, Jedward could also steal the show! They are 23rd, have a really fun performance, and their fan numbers are growing in support rather quickly. They could steal the win, but if not, I expect they will challenge. And how about Moldova? Yes I am hyping it up at the moment because I love the song, but Europe will surely love it too? Lautar is really European friendly, and people will appreciate it all over Europe no doubt. Pasha Parfeny has an amazing performance which people will love, and it's obvious the juries are going to really like this. Moldova will perform last. People may have made up their mind by then, but Moldova could challenge also...and there is a chance that we may be off to Chisinau next year. NOW THAT WOULD BE EXCITING!

Also really chuffed for Kurt Calleja of Malta. 21st should fingers crossed get him on the left hand side of the voting scoreboard.

But anyway, I think in the end it will come down to Sweden vs Serbia. But then, I was completely wrong about Israel, so I could be completely wrong about that too. Italy are also favourites...and you cannot rule out those Grannies either! Mentioning the oldies, Engelbert Humperdinck is also going to be a stand out. Talk about the fame of Željko Joksimović, the Hump has 3 times as many fans in Europe! That should score the UK lots of points too (I'm hoping!!). 
Tomorrow (or Saturday) will feature a big update of the final, and how the running order effects each song. I'm sure I will have completely changed my mind by then on who I want to win anyway.

The 57th Eurovision Song Contest will start 00:00 in Azerbaijan, 21:00 CET, 20:00 in the UK. Hope you all have your plans sorted! :)

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