Friday, 18 May 2012

Iceland - 2012

Me and my friends have done a sweepstake again this year... I think the total is £40, which as a student, would be amazing to have! So I am keeping my fingers crossed for Iceland. That's the country I pulled out the hat. Iceland will be represented by Greta and Jonsi with the song Never Forget. No, don't get that confused with Take That's Never Forget. Very different songs!

This is very good song. It's emphatic to say the least. Personally, I find this too dramatic. And secretly, I preferred it in English. Nevertheless, it's a stormer! Greta and Jonsi will both pull off a really powerful performance and this year, Iceland really need it! They perform second in the first semi final, so they need to be remembered when it comes round to voting. I'm sure they will though, as this song is a truly memorable song. Something tricky about this song though, is what genre is it? I wouldn't exactly call this a ballad... it's too dramatic to be a ballad, but I suppose you could call this a guitar/violin ballad. Now, I do have a longer version, but I do pray that when they come to perform, they stop the stupid silence in the middle, which I assume is for more "dramatic" effect. The music does that enough, we don't need anymore. I think I am being too critical, Greta and Jonsi, it's fair to say, will smash this one in Baku! Their performance will be slick, moving, and powerful. And plus, I need to start being positive about this, in hope that it somehow defies the odds and ends up winning! I would love to win the sweepstake... ha!

I've got a strong feeling that this song will qualify fine, and with a late draw, will definitely challenge the top places. Maybe that's optimistic, but let me be, okay?! No, seriously, they could challenge the top 3 and end up finishing at least in the top 10 with a poor draw. There is noone really like these guys performing this year, and so their unique-ness shall give them juries scores alone. And because this has been popular in the polls, I'm convinced people all over Europe will enjoy listening to this. It just is a real shame that they stopped performing it in Icelandic.

Song Rating: 7/10
Liklihood to win: 9/10

Current odds: 16-1                        ( (on average)

This is well worth a bet my readers! My first bookies tip for this year!

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