Friday, 18 May 2012

Cyprus - 2012

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala love...

haha! Cyprus this year have entered the song La La Love by Ivi Adamou.

Massively popular in Greece and Cyprus, Ivi Adamou is another former reality TV contestant who was chosen internally to represent Cyprus in Eurovision this year, and then the audience voted her to sing La La Love. I can see why, it's a very good song. It's really catchy and after one listen, you may find yourself singing "la la la la la la la" a good few hours later. Well, that is what happened to me anyway. The thing about this song is that it's not just catchy and well written, Ivi Adamou adds some very good vocals to it, and with the experience of having to sing live every week in a TV talent competition, then she will surely be able to bring off a brilliant performance in Baku.

A slight difficulty for Cyprus is qualifying for that final. They perform in the same final as Romania and Greece, with similar songs. However, they do perform in the second half, and have the bonus of performing after San Marino. Anyone performing after Valentina Monetta stands a decent chance of qualifying for the final. Cyprus haven't done well in Eurovision for what seems like aaages now and so I am really hoping that Ivi Adamou can change this. In fact, I'm pretty sure she will, because you can all see this qualifying for the final. It probably will do pretty well if it doesn't get a disastorous draw. La La Love has done well in the polls and is doing well in the bookies too!

Song Rating: 9/10
Liklihood to win: 7/10

Current odds: 20-1                                 ( (on average)

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