Saturday, 19 May 2012

Romania - 2012

Introducing the band Mandinga and the song "Zaleilah"

Zaleilah is a mixture of different instruments and is sung in both Spanish and English. It is "another" catchy eurodance song, which to me, feels really summery, and will fit in well with the theme of this year's Eurovision, "Light your fire!". Mandinga are a well known band in Romania, and so they will be heard of in the neighbouring countries, and the sound is definitely southern European, and so will be popular in the countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and so forth. However, I think it is fair to say that Zaleilah will be popular pretty much everywhere because of how fun it is and how catchy the chorus is. People will be singing and dancing to this right throughout Europe and the fact is, this has done well in pre-polls, so naturally, we can tell its already popular. On first lesson, I am unsure as to whether this will blow the audience away though. For me, it was very much a grower and not a shower. And yes, that was meant to be cheesy. But anyway, right now, I love this song and I feel the Romanians should be proud of this entry! Romania have a horrible draw, in the first half of the first semi final, along with Greece and Cyprus, so this could be one of those songs that shocks everyone by not qualifying. However, I fail to see that happening. Romania have a 100% qualification record, and I really fail to see Zaleilah being the casualty of that. If this qualifies, it will show how popular a song it is though on merely first lesson...and will only grow into a more popular song by the time the final comes around. If it gets a good draw, not performing near Sweden in particularly, then Romania could well bag themself their first win. This song has the power to do that. The one slight issue could be the weakness in the singing. Dancing will have to be top notch.

Song Rating: 10/10
Liklihood to win: 9/10

Current odds: 16-1                   ( (on average)

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