Monday, 14 May 2012

Spain - 2012

NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BALLAD. Passionate, Emotional, Strong vocals, Lively, Moving...just some ways in which I would desribe Quedate Conmigo by Pastora Soler.

I have very little to say, other than the fact that this song is just beautiful. It shows all these other ballads how it's done. Bring it on Pastora Soler!

Will this win? Spain haven't been in the top 10 since 2004 and their last win was 1969. It's been a while. The only other ballads that I can see giving this trouble are Love Will Set You Free (UK) and When The Music Dies (Azerbaijan) (and possibly that Serbian bore, because of the fame of the artist). Luckily for Spain, both the UK and Azerbaijan will perform before hand. If the Icelandic entry is classed a ballad, then that will also be troublesome for Spain, but if Iceland and then Sweden both get poor draws for the final, then we could be well off to Spain next year. Seriously. I am going to suggest it, ESC in Spanish sun. This has the power of Molitva. I have now even gone that far.

Song Rating: 9/10
Liklihood to win: 9/10

Current odds: 20-1                     ( (on average)

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