Saturday, 19 May 2012

Israel - 2012

So now we are in the last 5 song reviews. I have personally saved these last 5 songs because I have been really looking forward to blogging about them. First up, Israel.
The Israeli's will be represented by the band Izabo and the song Time.

Before I start, I literally couldn't believe it when Dana International failed to qualify from the semi's last year. I mean, the song was bad, but it was still Dana International - a previous winner! But nevermind, that was last year, this year is about Izabo. Izabo are very popular in Israel and the band is made up of pretty experienced musicians. This will definitely work in their favour in Baku. The song is pretty catchy, albeit a little different and not something you would listen to regularly, but nevertheless it is a good song. And plus, the genre of Time is pretty Indie Rock, and so it is unique to all other songs entered for 2012. I think the problem in the song might be the fact that it is just too different to be classed seriously and for enough people to like it for it to be a winner. I can't understand why it is doing poorly in the polls though, because it is such a better song than some of the other drool entered for this year. SO, overally, catchy and unique. How is it not doing so much better? I think the reason for that is because the hyped up fans like myself listen to the Eurovision entries over and over again, and as I have already admitted, I wouldn't want to hear this on repeat. Therefore, I think Time will naturally be popular when it gets played to an unknowing audience for the first time in 3 days. (yes 3 days folks!)

Israel perform halfway through the first semi final, and what's worth mentioning is that they perform before San Marino. As I said with Cyprus, anyone that performs near San Marino stand a much better chance of doing well because everyone is going to be laughing about how terrible a song that is. Izabo will be able to pull this out the bag through experience, and even though it's a risky decision, I am going to stand firm that this will qualify.

And believe it or not, I will actually put this as an outside bet for a win. Israel 2012 is a dark horse. If they perform in the last 5, they will either flop or go on to challenge for the win. And I do believe they will go on to challenge, because the ESC audience will naturally enjoy listening to this for the first time. And it is so unique, it will stand out! I could have got this all wrong, but so did the whole of Eurovision last year when the favourites included France, United Kingdom and Hungary. Did any of those finish in the top 10? Nope. Good Luck Izabo!

Song Rating: 7.5/10
Liklihood to win: 6/10

Current odds: 100-1                         ( (on average)

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