Friday, 18 May 2012

Hungary - 2012

Hungary will be represented by Compact Disco and the song Sound of our Hearts for Eurovision 2012.

It's a nice song. Similar feel to Belarus this year. Sound of our Hearts is a slow rock song with a chorus that's easy enough to sing along to, and after hearing it many times, you'll probably find yourself singing along too. I don't even know what the lyrics are, have no interest in finding out, but I always seem to try and sing along. The only bit I know for sure are "this is the sound of our hearts, if you listen.". Anyway, enough of me singing. Is this song a winning Eurovision song? Well, the funny thing is, it could be. But then again, winning songs tend to be really popular and this one isn't overwhelming popular enough to win. But on first listen, I could see audiences voting for it.

They perform near the end of the first semi final, and against the odds, I could actually see this qualifying. But it really won't win. If Hungary couldn't win with serious fan favourite Kati Wolf last year, then I'm sure as hell that Compact Disco won't be able to repeat the fate. Still they do have fans in quite a few European countries and they do have experience, so if they qualify, they probably will hope for a placing better than Kati Wolf's 22nd last year. Good Luck Compact Disco!

Song Rating: 5/10
Liklihood to win: 3/10

Current odds: 80-1                           ( (on average)

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