Friday, 11 May 2012

France - 2012

Anggun will sing "Echo (You and I)" for France in Baku.

I LOVE this song. This song really is edgy. It's really catchy. And a part of it sounds like a bit from Mario Kart. As well as that, Anggun is brilliant! She's experienced, she's sassy, got a great image, and sings in both French and English. All in all, France have really entered a class act this year!

Echo (You and I) is part of Anggun's 5th international album, and will serve as her lead single for the international music market. She has a huge fanbase and many people in Europe know her (forget the blind UK nationals of course! ha!), so Anggun will bring the points home for name recognition alone. But the song would naturally do well, as I have already said, it is edgy and fun. It really fits in with Eurovision, as does Anggun, who I'm confident will look right at home on stage in Baku.

France have had very little success in recent years. As well as not lifting the crown since 1977, they haven't finished in the top 5 since 2002. Even with a favourite (albeit controversial) last year, Sognu, they still couldn't pull off a good showing. I am personally hoping that Anggun can change this. She has the experience and will definitely be able to shine for France. She will perform 9th in the final, and so this could be slightly problematic. Still, I believe that it's France's strongest song for years, and even those who perform in the first half can still finish with a top 10 score.

Good Luck to Anggun! Paris 2013? Unlikely, unfortunately.

Song Rating: 9/10
Liklihood to win: 4/10

Current odds: 66-1                        ( (on average)

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