Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Latvia - 2012

Anmary and the song "Beautiful Song" will represent Latvia in 2012.

This song starts with the lyrics; "I was born in a distant 1980... The year the Irish Johnny Logan won", and rapidly goes down hill after that. Anmary also sings about Sir Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and how famous she will be if her song does really well in Eurovision. What the composers/lyricists thought of when they wrote this we won't know, but perhaps I am being over critical already? In honests truth, Beautiful Song does have a catchy chorus, and any Eurovision fanatic like myself will surely always remember "that Latvian entry who sang about Johnny Logan". But that is as far as this song will be remembered! I have nothing against Anmary, she gives the song some good vocals and she herself seems a really sweet woman, but if this song makes the final, I will be shocked. Now I am going to be slightly biased... I was a huge fan of Angels in Disguise from Latvia last year, and was slightly annoyed that Musiqq didn't make the final, but if they can't make the final and this song surely won't be there either.

Latvia haven't been in the final since 2008, and they probably won't make the cut again. Add that to the fact they are performing 4th in the first semi final won't help their chances. Especially because they are performing after Greece, so Beautiful Song will probably sound like a really naff, drunken version of Aphrodisiac.

Awful song... Un-crative, Un-imaginative, Un-original lyrics... Poor draw... 2012 will be HORRIFIC for Latvia. Sorry any Latvians... I have nothing against you! Ha ha ha.

Song rating: 1/10
Liklihood to win: 1/10

Current odds: 100-1                     (oddschecker.com)

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