Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The draw for the final...so far...

So during the press conference tonight, the winners of the first semi final are allocated their position for the final...the same will happen on Thursday too...NOW, any Eurovision-phobes may be under the impression that where you perform doesn't really matter, but how wrong you are! If you don't perform in the last 8 (shall we say) then you really won't win at all. You have a chance of challenging the top 5, but no hope of winning. See why it's a bummer the UK will perform first!!

Romania - 14th

Moldova - 26th

Iceland - 7th

Hungary - 2nd

Denmark - 15th

Albania - 3rd

Cyprus - 8th

Greece - 16th

Russia - 6th

Ireland - 23rd

There is no point properly analysing the draw until all the countries have qualified. It gives a good idea of how it will go, and if 2 countries are similar, which will do better!

But what we can take from this is that Romania and Greece perform too close for both of them to succeed. I'm hoping Romania do better and I think Europe is too. As previously said, it doesn't matter where Russia perform as the Grannies will be remembered right to the end. But they have got 6th position. Their final result will be interesting. Ireland bagged a brilliant 23rd and Moldova took maybe one of the best places with 26th. I think both will challenge the top 5. I am in love with Pasha Parfeny and Lautar now...routing for Moldova all the way...and have been in love with Jedward since their first X Factor audition all those years ago...


And Good Luck to all of Thursday's semi-finalists. Once the draw is done, will Sweden be such strong favourites? 4th place is still up for grabs...

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  1. Russia FOR THE WIN! That little granny is well cute x