Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Norway - 2012

Norway have chosen Tooji to represent them in Baku. He will sing Stay.

Now is it me, or does everyone agree that Tooji is a 2012 version of Eric Saade? The same image and a similar song. And because of that, I'm not that excited about this song. I had great love for Popular, and even though Stay isn't as good as Popular, it's still brilliant. It's just, I feel I saw the exact same thing last year so it's naturally not as good. The good thing for Tooji is that he isn't a direct clone of Eric Saade, and they both had different paths to reach Eurovision, and I'm sure this will work in Tooji's favour if they are ever compared in the media.

But I feel I have already said all there is about Stay. It's catchy and dance-y, which will go down well with the crowds in Baku, but as I said, it has a very "Popular" feel about it and I don't know if the juries will mark the song down on this alone. I'm sure the televoters will pick up for this song all across Europe, and who knows, a Top 5 position may be on the cards if Tooji gets a good draw. Performing 16th in the Second Semi Final means this song will no doubt reach the final.

Song rating: 7/10
Liklihood to win: 6/10

Current odds: 16-1         (oddschecker.com)

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