Friday, 20 April 2012

Azerbaijan - 2012

Azerbaijan follow their win with When The Music Dies by the beautiful Sabina Babayeva.

Since joining the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, Azerbaijan have proved to be an extremely successful nation. They have finished 8th ('08), 3rd ('09), 5th ('10) and of course won last year. Running Scared was definitely a brilliant song (I don't think it was the best song by a long way, but then I wasn't unhappy with their result) and Azerbaijan fully deserved to win after consistently entering a strong song. Could they win the double though? Well out to do that is Sabina Babayeva. She is a good artist, and like Kurt Calleja of Malta, has continually tried to represent her country for the last few years. With a similar team of lyricists and composers to Running Scared, When The Music Dies is another beautifully written and heartfelt song. It evokes emotions, telling the story of fighting for a love in a powerful metaphor. Double this with the power that Sabina pours into the song makes this song a sensation. There is no doubt that Azerbiajan will get more than 12 points from just Turkey, and the only thing that could keep this from winning is the draw. Azerbaijan will perform 13th in the final, and depending what performs before and after When The Music Dies will definitely determine how much Sabina stands out. But what you can't take away from Azerbaijan's 2012 entry is that it's purely outstanding and deserves a top 5 place at minimum. A lack of support in this years polls will prove to be nothing when Sabina takes to the stage. I would say Good Luck, but Sabina probably will not need it!

Song rating: 10/10
Liklihood to win: 8/10

Current odds: 28-1      (

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