Friday, 20 April 2012

Bulgaria - 2012

Representing Bulgaria in 2012 is Sofi Marinova with Love Unlimited.

Sofi Marinova is huge in Bulgaria. She has been singing for a vast number of years, and is loved in Bulgaria. Some people view her as the greatest artist in Bulgaria at the moment. Neighbouring countries will definitely know of her and her fame will automatically count in her favour. The song? Love Unlimited is a catchy eurodance-like pop song with the lyrics "I Love You" sung in ten different European languages, as well as many other lyrics containing languages from many other European countries. Although it was stated the song was not written specifically for Eurovision, the multi-language effect gives me the feeling that this song was written with ESC at least in the mind. After hearing some live versions of the song, Sofi's vocals appear strained and in places, screechy, but her musical experience should not let her down when it comes down to the business, and I am sure she will pull off a good vocal performance. But, is the song good enough? Yes, the song is definitely catchy, but the song isn't strong and seems, well... "messy". The composition and lyrics all could do with some tidying up, and the lyrics feel stressed, as if the writers are trying to squeeze in as many languages as possible. Sofi will perform 8th in Semi Final 2, immediately after Ukraine's catchy song Be My Guest. Will Sofi Marinova be able to stand out and compete with Be My Guest? We will have to wait and see. If Bulgarian history is anything to go by, some Sofi Marinova fans may find themselves to be disappointed when the final comes round.

In my opinion, the song is hurrendous, so if you disagree, please explain why you love it so!

Song rating: 2/10
Liklihood to win: 2/10

Current odds: 66-1      (

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