Friday, 20 April 2012

Malta - 2012

Next for review - Malta! And this year, Malta have chosen Kurt Calleja with the song This Is The Night.

3 times lucky, this was Kurt Calleja'a third attempt to represent Malta in Eurovision, and this attempt is a good song. In my opinion, this entry is brilliant and is a great listen, however, Calleja has not got any name recognition in Europe and the song appears to be doing poorly in polls. The song is good, but I think all would agree, it has no wow factor, and isn't a stand out. Last year, Malta were agnosingly close to qualifying for the final last year, missing out by a mere point. In the last 5 years, Malta have qualified once for the final, and even then, finished within the bottom 5. This year, they perform 4th in Semi Final 2, in between Belarus and Netherlands. Combine this with the lack of wow factor, the fact that he is not well known, all means that Kurt Calleja is unlikely to qualify for the final, so has a poor chance of winning. I do not believe that this song will get the justice it deserves in the final, but Good Luck to Kurt!

Song rating: 8/10
Liklihood to win: 1/10

Current odds: 80-1    (

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