Monday, 23 April 2012

Moldova - 2012

The Moldovans have given some great novelty acts over the year, and I can say they are a guilty pleasure of mine! This year? Pasha Parfeny with upbeat number Lautar.

Yet again, the Moldovans don't disappoint. Lautar is just brilliant! The lyrics are simple and basic, but the song doesn't need deep or interesting lyrics. The jazzy tunes does all of that. In case you were wondering, Pasha is singing about a trumpet. It's all just crazy and fun, and takes me back to 2009 when a man called Alexander Rybak stormed the ESC with Fairytale. That song was simple with a fun tune, and it was so effective. Lautar isn't quite as good as Fairytale, don't get me wrong, but it does have something quite brilliant about it. As for Moldova in Eurovision... well they don't do that bad. since their debut in 2005, they have only failed to make the final once, and despite not achieveing a top 5 placing, they don't fair too badly. Pasha Parfeny is pretty unknown in terms of Eurovision, and will not have any name recognition in neighbouring countries, but we can probably rely on Romania (or Ukraine) to give them 10 or 12 points. However, in my opinion, Pasha won't need it as Lautar will score just fine on it's own. Not a winner, not by a long way, but the song is fun and catchy and will definitely feature in the final after getting a good semi-final draw (17th in the first SF). I predict Moldova will finish in the middle of the board... anything higher would be reasonable though!

Song rating: 7/10
Liklihood to win: 4/10

Current odds: 66-1              (

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