Tuesday, 12 April 2016

28 days to go... Top 5 from 2011

So anyone who is anyone knows that 2011 was the best year ever for Eurovision, well just, because watch that shit, it was amazing.

Top 5 is mega hard but I'm gonna have a good crack...hopefully you'll disgaree with me and slate me because well and truly 2011 was the best and everyone has different fan picks. Honestly, if I did the 5 worst you'd probably hate me for life.

#5 Denmark - A Friend in London "New Tomorrow"

#4 Italy - Raphael Gualazzi "Madness of Love"

#3 Ireland - Jedward "Lipstick"

#2 Sweden - Eric Saade "Popular"

#1 Moldova - Zdob si Zdub "So Lucky"

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