Thursday, 7 April 2016

My 34 Days of Eurovision - Day 2

Hello readers. How was your day?

Well the 7th April means we are now 33 days away from the start of Eurovision, and today is:


This was a bloody difficult one to choose. I've liked pretty much every runner-up in the 10s (apart from Turkey's... wait for it, controversial Eurovision opinion coming... horrible 2010 entry).

So let's start with my notable others before my big reveal. Russia 2015, Azerbaijan 2013, Italy 2011, Netherlands 2014...

Then let's slowly rock back a few years for some other notable performers.

You've got Iceland 2009. Yohanna's song was simply beautiful, and a worthy runner-up to run-away train Fairytale.

There's also Maltese legend Chiara, who scored deservedly with Angel back in 2005.

The year I was born was one of Eurovision's best years. And Sonia for the UK probably should have won this year. I'll let Ireland off - this was the middle gem in their triple crown during the early 90s.
Better the Devil You Know almost did steal it in 1993 though.

Next is one of my all time favourites in Eurovision and I feel the UK should definitely have won in 1975! The Netherlands won with Teach-In, but come on, Let Me Be The One by The Shadows was so much better!!

And then when ABBA stole the show in 1974, they managed to hide the deeply controversial Italian entry 'Si' by Gigliola Cinquetti, already a winner herself. Taking the political context out, I loved her entry.

And my final notable other is the Swiss entry from 1963 and this should have won! Esther Ofarim was robbed...but I'm sure that's not the last you'll hear me mention that context this season.


WELL... Anyone who knows me just knows I'd pick this one. This runner-up is a perfect silver medal finisher, and was beaten by literally one of the all-time best. So hats off Verka Serduchka, 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai' is Eurovision GOLD and will forever live in my memory as one of my favourite ever moments in Eurovision history.

The best runner-up ever: Ukraine 2007 - Verka Serduchka "Dancing Lasha Tumbai". Let's watch it again...

Amazing! What do you think? Do you agree? Are there any I have missed? Let me know! And keep up to date with my 34 days of Eurovision with the chart below:

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