Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Best Eurovision Fan Sites

Exactly two weeks to go now bitches, and what's bitchier than the Eurovision fandom? 

Today I'm ticking off my 3 favourite Eurovision fan sites. There are literally so many it's too hard.

To start off with, I'll discuss the site which is LITERALLY UNPLACEABLE BECAUSE SHENANIGANS.

? WIWI -

Ah where would we all be without it? From voting for your next top model, tempting to comment and slate people for their ridiculous accusations and theories, to reviewing the WiWi jury rankings and completely disagreeing, and finally pondering if most people who comment actually have a brain. I have much respect for the contributors to the site, simply because they get barrages of abuse thrown at them from such uneducated dimwits taking it all a little too seriously. Sometimes the writers come out and defend themselves, but they really don't need to because at the end of the day, most comments are absolutely fucking hilarious and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Big up to everyone's favourite commentor from last year, Mario (+ something to do with diamonds and being homosexual). In the end, Mario took it just a little too far, but he made me shed tears of laughter and anger at times, and wherever you are Mario, good luck to you.

I hear people complaining about how bitchy and narcissistic the fandom is this year at Eurovision. But please, the fandom has been this bitchy and heated since I've become involved years ago, and after talking to some "older" friends of the contest, it always has been this bitchy and with this much drama since they've got caught up in the contest many moons before. Young people today think because they have the world at their feet through social media that they are the first to discover everything - NOPE NOPE NOPE. So the next time you think Wiwi or the Twitter community is nasty, all I say is welcome to Eurovision and get over it. Enjoy it for what it is and HAVE FUN with it. Stop taking it so seriously and you'll enjoy it so much more.

Now onto my top 3...

#3 ESC Stats -

This site does it exactly what it says on the tin. It's a site for Eurovision statistics. This puts me into heaven because it combines two of my favourite things; Eurovision and Statistics. I'm sure you've all heard and have voted but if not, get out from under your cage and get on there. 

It has statistics for each country for the entire contest. Galore.

#2 ESC Nation -

That little bit better is ESC Nation, which isn't flooded daily with Eurovision news, but does keep you up to date with what's what, AND more importantly, links you to the best Eurovision online poll around (via tummiweb) AND most importantly, the ESC simulator where you can spend hours of fun trying to make San Marino win. 

Literally look at the results in the second picture and tell me honestly that if it was the final result you wouldn't find it hilarious. Come on, Montenegro 5th? Hilare!

#1 Schlagerblog -


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