Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Eurovision with 34 days to go!

It's here, it's happening, the Eurovision 2016 season is in full swing and I am delighted. Since 2015 has been over, I graduated, travelled, met Loreen in Amsterdam, got a job and grew up.

Usually I'm either really good with posting what I think (*ahem*) reflects a good all round objectivity. Aha. OR I'm absolutely terrible. This year I'm not a student so I have time which I feel I can suitably waste. Last year I was writing my dissertation, dealing with a break-up, prepping for finals and freaking the fuck out. So I forgive myself for my sole post dealing with the UK's self-fulfilled labelling prophesy about why Europe might or might not hate us.

I have been dwelling on what I should do new for this year's contest, and I've decided to come up with a daily post chart with 34 days to go till Semi-Final 1. EXCITING SHIT.

So here it is:

And with 34 days to go, I present my favourite entry from the 2015 edition.

It was a dispute with Golden Boy because FREAKING YES ISRAEL I LOVE YOU FOR THAT but it has to be Rhythm Inside. Hats off to Belgium, a solid 4th in what was such a dominant vote for Sweden, Russia and Italy. It would have been too easy to choose one from them.

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