Thursday, 21 April 2016

The 34 Days of Eurovision - Days 15 & 16

Hello, so yesterday I completely forgot to enter My 34 Days of Eurovision post - I was busy, I've only let myself down.

With 20 days to go, I was going to blog about the best debut entry ever. Well I should have wrote that as my favourite debut entry. Best debuts come in the form of Poland's glittering 2nd at the 1994 contest, and I would even quote Hungary's debut as 1994, meaning we can include their 4th that year as pretty magical too. Frederika Bayer's "Kinek mondjam el vetkeimet?" is actually one of my all time faves and I believe it should have finished higher than Poland that year.

But when it comes to debuts, do you get as good as this?

Apparently you do, and this won't be the last time you see the next track in my 34 days of eurovision, that's for sure...

Well Done Serbia on a solid win on your debut as an entirely independent nation!

SO with 19 days to go until semi-final number one, I will today be counting the songs which brought ultimate cheese to the contest.

And there are SOO many to choose from!

#3 2006 - Lithuania; LT United "We Are The Winners"

Kicking things off we have this extremely original, not at all catchy, god amazing entry from Lithuania.

#2 2004 - Switzerland; Piero & the Music Stars "Celebrate"

The worst song ever at Eurovision?

#1 2007 - United Kingdom; Scooch "Flying the Flag"

Who else?

THERE ARE SO MANY NOTABLE MENTIONS in the Eurovision songs bringing the ultimate cheese. The choice is so subjective and I think everyone's top 3 would be different. However these songs bring a smile to your face...even if that is a grimace! Enjoy!

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