Sunday, 24 April 2016

Top 3 Eurovision Songs from the 1970s - Day 19

Ooooooh I’ve got a toughy today, as part of my 34 days of Eurovision. It’s my favourite 3 from the 70s! The 70s is hard because it was so rich in Eurovision history, so much changed and so much evolved. The 70s set a terrific precedence, and because I avoided the UK when I did this for the 60s (here), I shall do the same here.

It’s hard to not be bias about the UK in pretty much every year of the 70s, and in a controversial twist, Save Your Kisses For Me back in ’76 isn’t my fave UK entry from the decade, it’s actually 1975 runner-up, The Shadows with “Let Me Be The One”.

#3 1979; Portugal – Manuela Bravo “Sobe Sobe Balao Sobe”

A criminal 9th, if this didn’t win it should have been Portugal’s highest ever finish. A good time to remind people that despite Portugal not entering this year, they have now entered 48 times and never finished higher than 6th (in 1996!).

#2 1973; Luxembourg – Anne-Marie David “Tu Te Reconnaitras”

A difficult selection for my number two, but Anne-Marie David features among those artists who have won and come 2nd, a very distinct group for certain. It’s a lovely track, and something after hearing I will catch myself singing many days later.

#1 1974; Sweden – ABBA “Waterloo”

It feels cheating to have this numero uno, but it’s a deserved placing. Yesterday I ranked this as my #3 fave Swedish winner and I stick by that – what I ranked as #1 and #2 yesterday are two of my all-time favourites from Eurovision and I have them higher than any entry from the 70s. But Waterloo for me is an easy steal of this crown. Great track, launched the career of one of the most successful bands ever, and I love them.

(seeing as I posted their Eurovision performance yesterday, I thought it best to post the video today)

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