Monday, 18 April 2016

23 days to go... Switzerland's Top 5

Where would I be without counting down my five favourite Eurovision entrants from Switzerland, the first host and first winners of the most famous contest!

Unfortunately Lys Assia's 'Refrain' does not make the list, but a worthy song to win in 1956 nonetheless...

#5 1981 - Peter, Sue and Marc 'Io Senza Te'

Switzerland were a very fortunate nation to compete in Eurovision, as they're four "official" languages meant they were entitled to sing in French, German, Italian or Romansh. Because of the break the language rule had in the 70s, allowing choice of any language, Peter, Sue and Marc were a Swiss band which were able to set quite a Eurovision record.

Peter, Sue and Marc entered for Switzerland in 1971 with a French song, finishing 12th. They pounced on the ability to sing in English at the 1976 contest, and came 4th. Then they entered with a German song, with another band, in 1979 and finished 10th. It therefore seemed fitting to include Peter, Sue and Marc in my countdown of the Swiss top 5, and I choose my favourite entry of there's from 1981, when they sung in Italian. Four entries in ten years, four languages. Amazing.

So anyway, my choice in at number 5 is Peter, Sue and Marc from 1981, singing "Io Senza Te" which scored a good 121 points and enough for 4th place.

#4 1963 - Esther Ofarim 'T'en Va Pas'

I'm a massive fan of this, it's in my all time list for sure, and T'en Va Pas should have won in 1963. I do love Dansevise, but I love this track more. If you happened to see yesterday's blog, I told you I'm team Switzerland, see it here as I talk about the most controversial voting moments in Eurovision.

Switzerland came 2nd in 1963 with 40 points.

#3 2011 - Anna Rossinelli "In Love For A While"

The only way to describe this is QUAINT. Everything about this song is cute and lovely and I adore it and all it's quaintness. You go Anna Rossinelli! The United Kingdom gave Switzerland a resounding 10 points but it didn't help them enough. Switzerland went on to finish in last place at the best Eurovision ever and with all those strong songs it's hard to argue how'd you squeeze this track higher.

Adding in my own bias, and I definitely have this top 10 from 2011 and it was my fave pre-contest as well. I even voted for this on the night. Her vocal is perfect, she is so lovely and grateful and a big hats off to her!

In Love For A While finished 25th, with 19 points.

#2 1993 - Annie Cotton 'Moi, Tout Simplement'

I simply LOVE this song and cannot get enough of it's awesomeness. 1993 was a tough year, stole by Ireland from the grasp of the UK. When I line up GB, IR and CH from this year, it's always a really hard pick. Luckily I don't have to rank them today. This is one of Switzerland's very best, and that's an easy thing to say objectively.

Switzerland came 3rd in 1993, with 148 points. Enjoy...


2014, 2008, 2005, 1986, 1982, 1976, 1975... the list could go on! Switzerland have always come up with some great songs. I wish Rykka the best this year with "The Last of Our Kind". And now my winner is... DUH, its so obvious!

#1 1988 - Celine Dion 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi'

One of the best Eurovision songs of all time. Thank you, thank you, thank you Switzerland. Steam-rolling victory today is none other Celine Dion! I really don't need to say anything about this.

Apart from enjoy the postcard - when was the last time you saw Dion chilling in a digger?

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