Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: UNITED KINGDOM

I think this is our 2nd best entry of the decade, behind Children of the Universe, and despite the hype for Molly in 2014, 17th was our final result. That was a shame really, but in all fairness, was everyone so excited because the BBC were finally doing something different in choosing an unsigned artist? They were tapping into that talent pool and while everyone wanted CotU to do well because of the song and because Molly was freaking awesome, I think everyone wanted to see the Beeb continue to tap into that unheard talent pool...

Welcome the return of the national final, and welcome Lucie Jones! I will confess that after having heard the six songs that were vying for the chance to represent us, I couldn't help but remember posting something on Twitter a while back asking for Ace Wilder to represent the UK. Ace actually liked that tweet and it got me all excited, which is a lot more to be said than the potential songs we were sending...
However, Lucie's performance at the NF was incredible. In fact it was better than that, it was literally insane. Her vocal is so powerful, strong and the emotional connection and the whole lot was just the shiiiiiiittttt..... Lucie wave my UK flag with all my pride...

Coming from the West End, Lucie does have the potential to bring a very powerful performance to the final stage at Eurovision this year. One could almost say a jury-sponge performance! While televoters will perhaps not be a thoroughly willing and entertained by Lucie, I think it would be sacrilege to see the UK finish bottom 5 again this year. In all honesty, I just don't want to finish in the bottom 5 so I hope it's not fruitless optimism. The revamp definitely revitalised for the 26-song show, and while I perhaps wish we were sending the amazing 7th Heaven Club Mix, I am so proud of Lucie and wish her all the best at Eurovision this year!


My initial score: 7 (out of 12)

My current score: 8

My final prediction: 19th (will score higher with the JURY)

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