Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: AUSTRIA

My #1 for 2017: RUNNING ON AIR

Running on Air was one of my favourite songs on first listen, and since then just keeps going up up up to the top of my rank for this year. And then finding out that Nathan Trent is amazing and easily the best contestant this year just makes Running on Air that even bit better!

Running on Air is not in your face, it's just a sweet, cleverly written song. The melody is cool, the vocal is relaxed, and while not the strongest, compliments the song so well. The song has a simplicity to it, which following an all too familiar structure, potentially means it is forgettable especially performing just 2nd in the running order. Nathan may have an infectiously cute personality, but there are bigger songs with bigger performances to come in bloodbath SF2 and I fear Nathan will be lost amongst the divas.

I can't quite understand why the fandom don't care much for Running on Air. Genuinely after first listen I thought that Austria would be vying for victory and become one of the pre-contest favourites. To then see it so low on everyone's ranks was quite a shock and I just kept trying to find negatives with the song. I failed. Therefore I say you're all wrong and stupid ;)



My initial score: 10 (out of 12)

My current score: 12

My semi-final prediction: 9th (very optimistic!)

My final prediction: 23rd (should they qualify!)

I think Running on Air will score marginally higher with the JURIES, but its difficult to call for this one!

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