Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: POLAND

Kasia Mos is such a lovely girl! She is stunning, has an incredibly powerful and interesting voice, and will bring a really great performance if the music video is anything to go by.

Flashlight though, borders on painfully dull and forgettable after just one listen. There was a time a while back when I really got into how dark the song was and how amazing this was going to be, and then I remembered that every other song of the same genre and qualities is doing Flashlight better. The biggest problem with this song is that it lacks a hook. I know that Kasia will bring it on the stage, and I have a feeling the staging will look amazing, but that should not quantify such a weak song.

I guess Poland are the real unknown quantity once again this year. Finishing last with the juries and third in the televote last year was perhaps one of my favourite things to happen in the 2016 season, and while I can totally see why that was the case, it would be foolish to think it could happen again. But seriously, is that going to happen again? 2014 was similar, but while the Polish diaspora will definitely vote this enough into the final, I can't see the juries qualifying Flashlight at all. Since their return to the contest Poland have been unprecedented automatic qualifiers. It would take a brave man to predict they won't qualify, and that brave man definitely isn't me...


My initial score: 3 (out of 12)

My current score: 3

My semi-final prediction: 6th

My final prediction: 20th
(will score higher in the TELEVOTE)

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