Friday, 28 April 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: ALBANIA

World might be my least favourite "song" in this year's contest, but Lindita has a wonderful voice, a great personality, and is entirely carrying the Albanian entry this year in my opinion. If World was being sung by a lesser talented artist I would have no problem ranking World 42 out of 42.

There's an all too familiar opening structure, which we know is going to get bigger and louder and become an epic power ballad. So on the first foot I'm already a little switched off, because to say it, "I've heard this power ballad in Eurovision before". That's no way to make a criticism though, because the same could perhaps be said of many of my favourites this year. No, the reason I'm turned off by the song is because without even being half way through, I haven't heard the "hook" that will stay with me, I haven't heard the chorus which will continue to play in my head later on, and I've had to endure some rather negligible wailing. If Lindita perhaps saved her wailing for a bit later, I might enjoy it a bit more. And as I've previously said, if it wasn't Lindita herself wailing then this would easily slide down to the bottom of my ranking.

I will be completely honest and say that I'm not one for learning the lyrics to songs as they are meant to be. I learn the lyrics as I hear them and if I go several years singing something wrong then I'm not that fussed. I usually find it highly comical to hear how wrong I've been over lyrics. Nonetheless, Lindita does lack a diction but because I don't enjoy the song overly much, I will never bother to learn what is being sung, and therefore, I don't really have a clue what the song is about.

By the time we have the bridge in the song we get a snippet of Lindita's beautiful voice again, and then we are treated to an incredibly long and powerful note ruined by an overwhelming, yet pointless, use of backing vocals and musicality. The note is the best bit in the entire song, and is drowned out. This note could have gone down as memorable as Sanna Nielsen in Undo, or even countryman-like such as Rona Nishliu with Suus. Instead, people hearing this for the first time will be completely unaware of what Lindita has even achieved!

The revamp seems to have so many good elements, but there's just tooo much going on in this song meaning all those good elements are lost. I wish Good Luck to the stunning Lindita and I wish Albania all the best, but it's not a favourite of mine this year.


My initial score: 1

My current score: 3

My semi-final prediction: 12th
(will score higher with the JURY)

My final prediction if qualifying: 22nd-26th (bottom 5)

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