Saturday, 22 April 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: GERMANY

When I heard 'Ghost' last year, I truly felt haunted. Haunted by such an awful song. My distaste for the German entrant last year was met with some nasty comments, but I don't think I over-exerted my dislike, nor did I seek to ruin the enjoyment that Ghost gave to others. The trolling I received after ranking it #42 out of 42 was therefore abhorrently unnecessary and it's not hard to see how drama, anger and wrath are fuelling in fandoms across social media platforms. But this is about Levina and Perfect Life, so a pedagogy of trolling shall perhaps be left to another day...

There are already calls that this is the favourite for dead last, and I can't help but agree. There are calls for a rip off of Titanium, and I can't help but agree. There are calls for this being the most underrated song of the year. And there is part of me that agrees. Ultimately, this song is a 'nothing' song. It's impact is dry, and that is maybe because there is nothing to wholly dislike about the song...while there is nothing to wholly like either. Levina seems lovely, and Perfect Life has an elegant charm to it. The vocal is distinct, but nothing isn't showy, but then could it be? I fear the greatest downfall of Germany this year will be a complete lack of buzz for the entry. While Italy and France are bringing fan favourites; the UK is arguably vying for their best finish since 2011; Spain encompasses that 'Marmite' factor so much this year; and Ukraine are ensuring we still have some hard rock; leaving Germany bringing nothing to the automatic qualifiers and so arguably the most forgettable song in the grand final already this season... and we don't even know the semi-final qualifiers yet! I'd hate to call a last place finish entirely down to the draw for the final, especially without seeing the staging. But is the staging really going to elevate this? It's highly doubted. A first half draw will be a catalyst for immediate failure, while a second half draw could be the difference in a point or two, which might then be the difference between 25th and 26th.

I have been overwhelmingly negative about Perfect Life. It's a sweet entry, and I don't dislike it. But I don't dislike many songs in this year's contest...and perhaps that is why being so heavily critical is a great mistake. Germany might avoid finishing last for the third year in a row, and if they do, I apologise for being harsh once again!

Good Luck to Levina! I hope she nails it!


My initial song rating: 4 (out of 12)

My current song rating:

My final prediction: 26th (will score higher with the TELEVOTE)

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