Friday, 14 April 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Review: FINLAND

Finland will be represented in Kyiv with the song 'Blackbird', sung by Norma John, consisting of pianist Lasse and vocalist Leena. 

Blackbird, Blackbird, don't sing to me, don't sing below my window...

Uh this song has some beautiful, truly stunning moments. I think lyrically this song has real merit and my favourite moment is the 30 second or so piano solo from Lasse around 2 minutes in. It's such an incredibly uplifting moment, and plays on some rather inviting juxtaposition. However, despite my easy approvals, I'm reserved when it comes to the overall package as there are some niggling flaws which should be addressed.

I've heard criticism that this feels like an Adele rip-off but I can't agree with that. It's less Adele, and more Anouk. But Blackbird unfortunately lacks the same cutting edge that Birds has, at least in my own opinion. I still wouldn't say this song is a rip-off though, moreover, it lacks where it is should shine, or in this case, chill. Norma John try to juxtapose simplicity and depth, as well as lyrically and melodically, with lights and darkness. The emphasis on the juxtaposition is lost. Neither the simplicity or depth are overplayed and the production isn't anything fresh for the Eurovision stage. 

Whilst I think the song has a particular beauty, the overall package just won't be cutting enough for Eurovision this year. But I wish Lasse and Leena all the best, and congratulations on brooding a different kind of ballad to the others this year.


My initial score: 8 (out of 12)

My current score: 7

My semi-final prediction: 17th (out of 18)

My final prediction: If it does qualify, this will finish 21st-26th.

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