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Top 10 from the 00s - 4 days to go!

Okay where the fuck has the time gone and how the hell are we only 4 days away now!? So exciting!

So much is happening in Stockholm. In summary: Wiwi don't like the staging for France and Spain, enter angry reactions from fans.

I say let's wait until the second rehearsals and not go over the top with our responses! Things look very different on a TV screen.

As part of My 34 Days of Eurovision, day 31 plays homage to the 00s and the transformation of the contest once again. However this decade saw rules come and go over voting, and we truly saw the effects of abolishing the language rule. Some of these tracks are in my all time top 10, and I hope you like my rankings :)

(please bare in mind how hard this list is to make!)

#10 Norway 2009: "Fairytale" - Alexander Rybak (1st/387 points - duh!)
Well I need not say anything about this record breaker. You may doubt me for putting it in my top 10 of the 00s, but the performance of this song is truly magical and 2009 was the year that changed me into this full, heavy Eurovision fan. Would I have done if not for Fairytale? (Yes, definitely, but it's no doubt that Fairytale helped aha!)

#9 Hungary 2007: "Unsubstantial Blues" - Magdi Ruzsa (9th/128 points)
You might be thinking "huh?" but I'm aware this'll probably be divisive. I can see why people wouldn't like this, but personally I fucking love this track. I think this is lyrically divine and her vocals (IMO) are enticing and soulful. 

#8 Serbia 2008: "Oro" - Jelena Tomasevic (6th/160 points)
Oooft that Zelijko knows how to write a ballad! I'm a balkan ballad lover, and so it's quite surprising that only one Zelijko makes this list. Lane Moje and Lejla I can reassure you made the top 20, just not quite the top 10. Oro for me was his best of the decade and I'm glad that he and Jelena got their justice from the 2005 fantastrophe that was the Serbia & Montenegro national selection ha ha ha...

#7 Armenia 2009: "Nor Par (Jan Jan)" - Inga and Anush (10th/92 points)
I had this on repeat so much after the 2009 contest and for good's sick! This is such a fun song and was given such great choreography. The girls were dressed so elaborately and it gets everyone NOR PAR-ing together. What's not to appreciate? For me the appreciation goes next level and is my 7th favourite entry of the 00s.

#6 Moldova 2005: "Boonika Bata Doba" - Zdob si Zdub (6th/148 points)
This just misses out on the top 5, which goes to show you how difficult I think this is...BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE ZDOB SI ZDUB. This song is so much fun, the group know how to really put on a performance and I'm so glad they came back with So Fucky in 2011. This song is one of my highest played ever and I can remember wanting 'Granny' to win when watching this live! Go Moldova!

#5 Estonia 2009: "Randajad" - Urban Symphony (6th/129 points)
I always *got* this. As in, I have always appreciated it. Even at the time I thought this deserved to do well. I have always found it a good song, but over the last year, hell even the last month, I'm really, really starting to *get* this. And uh it's so good! It's the most timeless entry of 2009, no doubt.

#4 Ukraine 2007: "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" - Verka Serduchka (2nd/235 points)

It almost surprises me that this isn't my favourite Eurovision entry of all time. It's quite arguably the most iconic entry in the last 10 years at least, and well, don't deny, it's an absolute smasher. I'm all over it and you can't stop the fun.

#3 Ukraine 2004: "Wild Dances" - Ruslana (1st/280 points)
You all know this winner and it's a hugely iconic performance. You wouldn't have seen the costume, song, choreography, dance routine, "whole package" at an earlier contest. Wild Dances really stands out. It makes my top 3 because it always manages to get me onto my feet and like a few others in the list, is one of my highest played songs ever. 

#2 Bulgaria 2007: "Water" - Elitsa & Stoyan (5th/157 points)
THIS. IS. INCREDIBLE. I can totally get people not liking it, but surely, SURELY you can see why others do? This breaks mould, stretches the spectrum, and delivers the pinnacle of alternative. For me that means its a true master piece. The staging and performance is electric. I find little to fault with Water, a criminal 5th. However it did deserve to get beat. Because you all know what made my #1...

#1 Serbia 2007: "Molitva" - Marija Serifovic (1st/268 points)
Ah lordy, this is absolute perfection. Perfection people!

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