Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Fiercest Eurovision Ladies... 7 days to go!

WELL now the rehearsals are in full swing and we are just a week to go till semi-final number one. With 7 days to go I'm counting my 3 hottest Eurovision girls and as a gay man this is of course entirely hypothetical so please don't be hating on my choices. Enjoy...

#3 Eleftheria Eleftheriou

(Greece 'Aphrodisiac' 2012 - 17th/64 points)

#2 Zlata Ognevich

(Ukraine 'Gravity' 2013 - 3rd/214 points)

#1 Tamar Kaprelian

(Armenia 'Face The Shadow' Genealogy 2015 - 16th/34 points)

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