Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Favourite 5 from Malta

I should have posted this yesterday...but with 8 days to go, my favourite 5 from Malta!

Malta are one of my favourite nations in Eurovision. It's quite hard to choose a top 5 with so many fun songs missing out. Big shout out to Fabrizio Faniello, one of my faves... and Ira Losco whose teeny pop tune from 2002 doesn't quite make the list. I think in a year's time Walk On Water has a chance of making this top 5 though.

So without further ado, my number 5...

#5 1998 - Chiara 'The One That I Love' (3rd/165 points)

#4 2012 - Kurt Calleja 'This Is The Night' (21st/41 points)

#3 1994 - Chris and Moira 'More Than Love' (5th/97 points)

#2 2014 - Firelight 'Coming Home' (23rd/32 points)

#1 2005 - Chirara 'Angel' (2nd/192 points)

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