Thursday, 5 May 2016

5 days to go - First Rehearsals & Ranking Luxembourg's 5 Winners

Oh my good god we are 5 days to go till Eurovision 2016 Semi Final Number 1 and I am very excited.

The first rehearsals are now over for all those seeking qualification and it was exciting to get a taste of what is to come! For the last few years I've been bogged down with essays and revision and its finally so exciting to throw myself head first into the rehearsals and enjoy Eurovision prep week for all it's worth.

Winners and losers of rehearsals

Well getting a great big fat A* from me is Jamala and Ukraine with '1944'. Anyone who has followed me knows I absolutely hate the song, BUT she has so brought it to Eurovision. Everything is there and I'm sure once we are a couple of hours away from the final I might have to accept the fact that she could win, even if I don't personally like the vocals.

It appears that Azerbaijan could be an almighty flop, and well Donny Montell's efforts for Lithuania appear to be slightly embarrassing so far...but come on people, nothing happened for Eneda and Albania! I have never disliked the song, I don't think there is overly anything wrong with it. But please! At least try to make the most forgettable song of the contest interesting! Literally nothing happened, and at this moment, I'd be surprised if she scores any points...

Ranking Luxembourg's 5 Winners

As you can see, my plan with 5 days to go is to rank Luxemourg's 5 winners. Over my last few posts I've focussed primarily on the last few years of the contest as they naturally just stick in your mind more. That's why I planned to be counting down Luxembourg's 5 winners, because we haven't seen them compete since 1993! It is truly phenomenal that a country that small has the 3rd highest amount of wins (along with France and the UK, behind Sweden with 6, and Ireland with 7), and so without any further ado...

#5 1983 Corinne Hermes 'Si La Vie Est Cadeau'
She might have an amazing vocal, but I just don't appreciate this song at all. Soz...

#4 1961 Jean-Claude Pascal 'Nous Les Amoureux'
Not the worst of the early winners, but certainly forgettable, even if Jean-Claude Pascal isn't...

#3 1972 Vicky Leandros 'Apres Toi'
I adore this record. I get lost in the juxtaposition of an uplifting beat, lyrically rich in tragedy.

#2 1965 France Gall 'Poupee De Cire Poupee De Son'
It's a real tough tussle for 1st and 2nd with me, but my number one edges it for the vocals. Nothing should detract away from how fantastic this winner was from 1965. Poupee De Cire Poupee De Son may now be a touchy subject for France herself, but it was the first non-ballad to win and ultimately change the shape of the contest.

#1 1973 Anne-Marie David 'Tu Te Reconnaitras'
One of the best winners ever? It's certainly up there for me. I never use to appreciate this, but after one proper listen I implore you to not have this stuck in your head.

This win also gave Luxembourg the first 'double' if you don't count Spain in 68 and 69 and for obvious reasons, noone ever does...

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