Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Other Winners?

I'm not watching the Eurovision final this year because I'm on best friend birthday duties. She realises how much this means to me, it's okay. I'll be watching the contest about 3am this morning and will try my hardest not to find out the winner before then.


But is the winner not going to be Russia? Sure Russia are one of my faves this year, and I'm not saying it because I want Russia to win. I want France to win. I still think France can win the televote and jury vote. But then, Russia are easily winning the odds. And the odds are always spot on with a few hours to go until the final. So instead, let's discuss the other winners!

Marcel Bezencon and Barbara Dex

We have the three Marcel Bezencon awards for Press, Composer and Artistic. And then the famous and much loved Barbara Dex award.

So here's my reckoning for the winners (do we already know whose won the press award!?):

PRESS - Ukraine

COMPOSER - France (or Italy)



Who are the other winners this year?

Belgium are surely a winner for making the final again; the big five are surely winners for all bringing something credible for the first time in forever; Israel are winners for qualifying twice in a row; Georgia for providing the big shock qualifier; Bulgaria for finally making the final after all those years away; THE CZECH REPUBLIC FOR FINALLY QUALIFYING YIPPEE; Croatia and Ukraine are winners for returning to the contest with highly popular songs; Australia for showing the Europeans how it's done; and well read between the lines everyone...

This might be the cheesiest thing since "thunder and lightning, it's getting exciting", but WE ARE ALL WINNERS. 

We are winners for finding and celebrating Eurovision, because we have #ComeTogether and defied geographical boundaries to share our love.

We are the winners of Eurovision (LT United anyone?). With Love.

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