Thursday, 25 April 2013

Key Change Heaven!

I'm gonna stick in Europe's North East for the next song to watch - it's Ukraine. It seems like a long time ago now that they announced it, but they will be represented by Zlata Ognevich and the song "Gravity".

Is it generic? Is it same-y? Have we had it before? That seems to be some of the main criticism facing Zlata and 'Gravity'. Maybe the critiques have a point, I certainly won't argue that this is anything unique in the sense that Only Teardrops is. But that does not make it any less great. Because that what this song is at the end of the day. It's a great entry. Starting on a serious melody, the song goes on to develop into a soothing tune about dreams. And then the beat kicks in. With more power in her voice, Zlata keeps up the meaning in the words and the lyrical composition definitely has a metaphorical tone. Accompany this with a couple of key changes and a few belting notes and you have a very well written and composed song. If Zlata really goes for this on the night, Ukraine could pull it out of the bag and grab their second win in less than 10 years. Especially if this comes somewhere in the night after Denmark. Good Luck to Ukraine!Key

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